Zoom into the Middle Kingdom Egypt: Part 2

Zoom into the Middle Kingdom Egypt: Part 2

Five-week course starting Monday 10th Aug at 10.30 – 12.00, cost  £30

Caption (Pectoral Sithathoryunet: Metropolitan Museum 16.1.3a)


The second five-week lecture series will examine the art and literature produced during this time period. This includes some of the most expressive sculptures created in the ancient world, the pinnacle of jewellery making in terms of materials and design, and classic works of literature.


Week 1: Stelae (10th Aug)

Week 2: Jewellery (17th Aug)

Week 3: Literature and Society (24th August)

Week 4: Sculpture (31st Aug)

Week 5: Representations of Women (7th Sept)


Articles and links will be sent out each week as appropriate.

Tickets available from Eventbrite


Lectures can be booked individually, cost £6 each

Part 2 – Week 1


Part 2 – Week 2


Part 2 – Week 3


Part 2 – Week 4



Part 2 – Week 5