Zoom into the Middle Kingdom Egypt: Part 1

Zoom into the Middle Kingdom Egypt: Part 1

Five-week course starting Monday 29th June at 10.30 – 12.00, cost  £30

(Relief of Mentuhotep II: Metropolitan Museum 07.230.2)

Spanning the 11th until 13th Dynasty, the Middle Kingdom is greatly overlooked but it is a time of innovation and transformation. This includes the first monumental building programme at Thebes, the creation of a new capital in the Faiyum,  a re-establishment of pyramid building and a female pharaoh on the throne!

The first five-week lecture series will examine how the superstructure of society manifests itself, in terms of temples, tombs and contact with the outside world.


Week 1: Kingship Transformed (29th June)

Week 2: Temples for the Gods (6th July)

Week 3: Tombs (13th July)

Week 4: Afterlife Expectations including the Coffin Texts (20th July)

Week 5: Egypt’s Contact with their Neighbours (27th July)

Articles and links will be sent out each week as appropriate

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Lectures can be booked individually, cost £6 each  

Part 1 – Week 1



Part 1 – Week 2


Part 1 – Week 3



Part 1 – Week 4


Part 1 – Week 5