Zoom into Museums: The Treasures of Ancient Egypt – Part 2

Zoom into Museums: The Treasures of Ancient Egypt – Part 2


Five-week course starting 17th July 10.30 – 12.00, cost £30

(Limestone statue of the priest Neye and his mother Mutnofret: Munich GL.WAF 25)

Each week will focus on a different museum discussing star exhibits in terms of their context, production methods and evolution of style. In addition, less known artefacts will be considered. The lectures will also show you how to access online catalogues and resources of the museum. Although we cannot visit in person, this is the best substitute and is an ideal preparation for future visits!

Lecture 1: The Louvre (17th July)

Lecture 2: Munich (24th July)

Lecture 3: Leiden (31st July)

Lecture 4: Boston (7th August)

Lecture 5: The Ashmolean (14th August)

Articles and links will be sent out each week as appropriate

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Lectures can be booked individually, cost £6 each

Part 2 – Lecture 1



Part 2 – Lecture 2



Part 2 – Lecture 3



Part 2 – Lecture 4



Part 2 – Lecture 5