Book for Archaeopress

Once the fun writing was over, I decided it was time to settle down and begin to prepare the second half of my thesis for publication with Archaeopress.  This focused on the so called ‘ladies on beds’ figurines from New Kingdom Egypt and her Empire.  The figurines were actually the initial focus of my research when I began my PhD in 2009.  Given the lapse in time I need to review and update the evidence.  I am only considering figurines with a provenance dating to the New Kingdom.  However, I have found some additions to the corpus and will continue to evaluate the data.  I am also reading the numerous articles which have been written regarding figurines since my initial study.  When completing my thesis, I was restricted by word limit but now I can expand upon this.  I also am enjoying catching up with Egyptology colleagues worldwide over email, Facebook and in the process.

Caption (Museo Egizio S 7827 © Joanne Backhouse )

Caption (Museo Egizio S 7829 © Joanne Backhouse)